T is for Turbulence

Waking up to an unscheduled single tornado siren is not my favorite kind of alarm, but as with many things in MO, there were confused mixed signals and then a downgrade to severe t-storms which then fizzled out…for now.  So random.  But when the real deal comes, there will be no siren or warning, no doubt, just kiss your ass goodbye.  Most people here just ignore the big T warnings.  T for Turbulence (IMO), which describes MO to a T!  (hahaha.)  You can’t tell when it’s serious or just–psyche!  I know it makes me crazy.

Synchronicitously, Avdi had his own turbulent start, trying to drive all the kid to all the schools in a tornado warning while simultaneously conducting a scheduled business meeting with European partners while driving, then having to retrieve a kid having chest pains (false alarm?).  As he put it, pretty much a normal Thursday.  His whole week has been worse.

But I digress.  Yesterday I got outdoor work done at Avdi’s.  S actually asked to help and really did!  Together we accomplished a lot.  We cleared out several areas, and he learned how to recognize and cut out invasive honeysuckle bushes.  He’s a quick and willing learner, when he wants to be.  I also seeded another indoor flat–cucs and lettuces– and did some housework.

It was so warm out (80º), S got out his swim trunks and I sprayed him on the trampoline!  Later, when the daily so-called severe thunderstorm (with possible tornadoes) was threatening, I just stayed outside, it was so nice out.  Of course the “storm” petered out.

Meanwhile, Avdi was in meetings literally all day and evening.  Besides his work, he had to confer with various school and special ed officials regarding S’s change of school and the other kids’ progress/needs.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Plus the kids are about to spend spring break with their Mom, so that entails planning and prep.  I may ride along (to Ohio, half-way), to help drive.

In lighter news, K found a brown recluse spider down in his lair.  We released it across the bridge over the runoff channel.

And now it’s a nice sunny day.



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