City Homestead and Demo Garden

Yesterday it was the Springiest day yet, for still being winter, so I walked over to Avdi’s and started doing gardeny things.  I checked the green babies, who are happily coming along.  The ferny asparagus especially makes me happy.

Then out I went…you couldn’t not be outside on a day like that.  I was already working away when S finally discovered I was there, I was so intent on the garden.  He revved up his nonstop fantasy world motormouth, but I just worked around him!  (You can walk away and come back, and he’ll still be chattering away!)  Fortunately some new neighbor kids (on the other side) distracted him so he just redirected his discourse onto them.

I raked and neatened up the garden beds, transplanted a couple of random plants, and direct-sowed the snap peas that had just arrived per E’s special request.  The veg bed is ready for the onion plants that are in transit, and later the seed potatoes and sweet potatoes I preordered.  I’m hydroponically growing some of the new herbs and edible flowers at home, along with the others I started conventionally.

This year’s garden is going to be much more intentional and customized to the whole family.  It’s also like a demonstration garden for the kids.  I’m also guiding the kids on their own trial gardening.  E and Y are very much engaged in the whole process.  Even S asks me questions and observes my methods.  I’m glad to pass on what little I can, and watch them enthusiastically take it on.  It also helps me not overwork myself, as I tend to do.

I even found time to straighten up the house and do some laundry for Avdi.  I like doing it because I know every little bit helps.  So much more rewarding than slaving for some indifferent boss your whole life just to survive to slave another day.  In my perfect fantasy world, capitalism is dead, and people get to live and work together meaningfully while they’re not dead yet!  Call me demented.






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