Crazy Speaks for Itself

I won’t even dignify that cringe-fest of a “debate” by commenting.  Like a monkey shit-fight, it speaks for itself.  We’re all doomed.

Instead, it’s a beautiful breezy early fall day, finally not raining, just right for getting work done on my “prairie” 12-step program.  Today I finally finished clearing around most of the little trees.  What a prickly briar patch of blackberries!  Next up–transplanting some specimens, and placing weed barriers around each tree.

Here we have Misu proving to be useful as a book-holder, when she’s not draped over the sill or lounging in her new box.  Also, E’s latest pizza, after the YK fast.  And of course your compulsory flowers, with a monarch and a bee.

Silver Linings Payback

One thing I’ll say for this Yom Kippur–it’s one of the strangest, bleakest ones in my memory, and I don’t need to tell you why.  The most positive aspect of it, ironically, is the fast.  A system purge and reset is definitely in order.  Overeating is overrated.

As for atonement and justice, a certain criminal-in-chief comes to mind.  Regardless of your thoughts on g-d, or lack thereof, surely some overdue judgment or consequences must eventually prevail.  No one, not even a Hitler, gets away with murder forever.  I have to believe he’ll get what he deserves, and soon.

And now back down to earth.  It’s been raining like a sieve.  The field and garden are loaded with festive colors.  When I’m feeling overly anxious and depressed, biology reassures me that not all is f—ed up beyond repair.  Just under a dark cloud for now, with the odd glimmer of light.  Silver linings payback, perhaps?  ;-D


Erev Sealing our Fate

It’s easy to be somber and sober(-ish) this (erev) Yom Kippur, what with all the death and despair!  Our grim reaper-in-chief has set the stage for the proper mood of existential dread and foreboding.  Wee!  All that’s left for me to do is not talk about fasting!

Speaking of food, since we’re also entering the harvest season, here is a pile of harvest stuff I managed to grow.  Also the usual lots of flowers.  For those who observe the holy day, “G’mar chatima tovah”.  May you be inscribed and sealed for good in the book of life.  Seems somehow appropriate in these days of hundreds of thousands of deaths on our doorsteps.




E’s birthday was done in true COVID-style, just us home alone.  I had ordered and shipped all her gifts online far ahead of time.  I made her a special dinner of items she doesn’t get to try very often, that I had stashed away from the last restock.  I baked her a sparkly chocolate cake.  At her “advanced” age, she was still able to blow out all the candles!  😉 Then we watched movies and shows, as usual.

Today I continued clearing around trees out in the “prairie”.  The weather has been much more conducive to working on my “12-step plan”.  By next spring it should have a whole new look, closer to a grove of small trees with native flowers and grasses in between.


It’s both E’s birthday and the Autumn Equinox, a doubly auspicious occasion.  It will be even less action-packed than ever, during these shut-down times, but we try to amuse ourselves.  Misu always keeps herself and us entertained.

Here are:  Misu being decadent, the sparkly cake I baked, a butterfly, and birthday flowers.  We get by.  Happy Birthday E.


RIP Notorious RBG

You knew she was hanging on to life and her crucial Supreme Court Justice role as long as she humanly could, for the good of our country and progressive justice.  At the end, the Notorious RBG dictated a fervent plea to delay replacing her until a new president is elected, knowing those craven trump charlatans were just slavering in the wings, anticipating her death.  They’ll still try to expedite their own conservative nomination, despite the hypocrisy of having obstructed Pres. Obama’s SC nominees before the last election.

Maybe it’s better RBG didn’t live to see further abuses of power and justice.  But it’s terrible for us.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not only righteous but Jewish,  so I say “zekher tzadikah livrakhah”, may the memory of this righteous one be a blessing.

These photos are in her memory.

This is my Asian fusion version of traditional matzah ball soup: a sweet-and-spicy Asian chicken broth over fresh veggies, herbs, and matzah balls, for Rosh Hashanah.

Here are some flowers, and a beautiful blue and black butterfly.

To Life and a t—p-Free New Year

L’Shanah Tovah to those of us who observe Rosh ha-Shanah, the Jewish New Year.  L’chaim–to life, a vaccine, and a trump-free new year!  I’m not asking for much!

Here is my erev RH meal, consisting of sweet Asian-style chicken, a savory noodle kugel, carrot and sweet potato tsimmes, and roasted garlic asparagus.  Also E’s holiday challah, apples, and honey for a sweet new year.

Here are some festive flowers, a blue/black butterfly on zinnias, assorted pollinators on goldenrod, and a tropical hibiscus bloom.




Watered Down Effects

The side effects of “Sally”, which slowly but forcefully engulfed the deep south, took the form of a nice breezy rain by the time it reached here.  Leaves and temps are falling.  Once upon a time I’d think of that mysterious, ethereal sense of transition in the air as my “Renfaire” time of year.  Those relatively carefree days are long gone, but it’s still a refreshing change.  The brilliant flower colors are really set off by the dark rainy day.  My tiny “Mammoth” sunflowers are finally blooming out in the field, along with masses of these tiny white “stars”.



So Many Ways to Die, So Little Time

We needed some supplies from Lowes this morning, and were disheartened to see a number of people without masks and not distancing, despite signs and frequent announcements to that effect.  They just don’t get it.  We got out of there as soon as we could.  It’s a challenge just staying alive [cue disco].

The good news is, they had some fall and spring flower bulbs, so I got some saffron crocuses, allium, and assorted tulips to plant.

Right now, much of the country is either on fire or under water.  If only they could just swap!  Or more to the point, swap that idiot in the WH for someone who promotes science.

Here is your daily dose of colorful flowers and friends.