Seriously Counting Down

We’re squarely in the final stretch now.  Most of our belongings are in boxes.  E is scouring each room.  I’ve cleaned up most of the landscape.  The gutter guys will install gutters today, our final repair.  We’re packing for our first Ohio trip to move into the leased house/set up services in about a week.  Other than mountains of boxes, this place is looking nice enough to move into!  Let’s hope someone else finds it that inviting in a timely manner.

Poor Misu can tell something’s up.  Her stuff keeps getting rearranged.  She looks a bit anxious.  She won’t be amused by our upcoming leaves of absence, however brief.  Not to mention the lockdowns while our agent is showing the house to strangers.  The final straw will be her first long road trip to a foreign state.  Hopefully the cat meds will help with her own state.  Moving is always a stressful time for everyone, including pets.  At least she knows how to grab frequent catnaps.  Unlike myself, losing more sleep each night.

Here are some more shots of the property, including one very clean and staging-ready laundry room, and a majestic resident hawk overseeing the whole business.  Plus an update–gutters are installed!  They did an excellent job.  It looks like a real house!






Tension and Tomatoes: Bring Knife

Misu says: Is nowhere safe anymore?  Oh to be so blissfully unaware of what’s about to happen.  Though she has her suspicions.

One thing I can’t complain about–bushels of homegrown tomatoes and peppers.  Somehow by accident I got that right.  Fortunately we have neighbors to give our surplus to!

Here are some shots of the place after mowing, and some flowers, including (annuals) sunflowers, portulaca, and purslane.  It’s looking mighty sellable.  Sooner would be good.


Much Ado and Adieu

Between weeding, packing, cleaning, and planning, there’s barely a moment edgewise, but the garden just keeps performing as usual.  Some of the mammoth sunflowers in the “3 sisters” are blooming, as well as the ornamental ones in the cutting garden.  It seems many late-summer/fall flowers, like asters, bloomed unusually early this year, and continue to.  Is it climate change, or are they just anxious to see us off?



Water Power Blaster

Co-Captain’s Log Stardate 07202021: The work is proceeding at warp 8.5.  So far no wormholes or vortices.

E has set up most of the new accounts and payments at the other end, while coordinating the exit strategy at this end.  It’s a tricky fine line.  At the moment, she’s busy aiming power blasts of water at the house to remove decades of buildup.  It’s looking almost like a new house.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working my way around the house doing major garden cleanup.  I finished the herb and herb annex beds, and the difference is like night and day.  It actually looks like an herb garden again.  I’m also continuing to pack up the house.  We’re almost there.

Lots happening as usual in the garden.  Do you think the tomatoes and peppers did well this year?  Location and conditions make all the difference.  The timing was serendipitous as well.  We got to enjoy a successful crop of veggies and flowers before we leave.




Nearing the Finish Line

This is how nice our neighbors are–not only did they volunteer their larger vehicle to take some of our furniture and other items to Goodwill, they insisted on dropping them off themselves without our help.  Now that’s neighborly.

The move is proceeding full steam ahead.  It’s complicated coordinating all the business and expenses at both ends, while packing up the house and cleaning up the property, but it’s coming along.  Now if the house does indeed sell quickly, as all indicators predict, we’ll be OK.

The garden, meanwhile, just moves along at its usual pace, and helps me stay calmer.  I know too soon it will be in our rearview, so I’m enjoying it while I can.  I fought the good gardener fight.

As if to reward me, I finally was able to grow eggplants almost by accident (ping tung long Asian variety is shown).  Also this mystery melon/squash thingie came up on its own.  Tomatoes and peppers are going bananas.  I have loads of delphiniums, sunflowers, and many others in the cutting garden.  Amazingly, the poppies in the CA garden are still blooming.  There are new wildflowers showing up in the “prairie” each day, as well as in the veg garden turned flower meadow.  It’s a fitting finale.

The calmest of us all is Misu, pictured testing out her new travel crate/bed.




Putting Down and Pulling Up Stakes

It’s nice having good neighbors, however briefly we got to know them.  It’s nice to have friends to give functional items to, who can definitely use them.  They’ve really helped us out with aspects of our move, as well.  We have lots in common, too.  We are grateful, and wish them all the best.

Today, in preparation for pulling up stakes, I put some literal stakes down to clearly mark all my little trees.  Now they look like proper, intentional trees for someone to notice and hopefully keep.  Likewise, I’m working my way around the yard, cleaning up the landscape to make it more appealing and worth preserving.  One can hope.

I mean, how can you not love all these beautiful plantings?  Once I weed and mulch it all, it will look almost, well, if not professional, at least somewhat planned and maintained.  Then I’ll let it all go and wish it the best.  It was a good experiment while it lasted.  I’m glad I got the chance to learn about many native plants new to me, and create a more wildlife-friendly environment.


Gaining and Losing Good Neighbors

It’s kind of sad and ironic that, due to the pandemic, we’re only now finally getting to know our next-door neighbors now that we’re moving.  We all like each other and wish we didn’t have to leave them like this, not knowing who or what might move in here, just when they were feeling more confident and secure about the situation.

Yesterday we had them over to look at give-away items (happily they could use much of it) and give them the garden tour.  We offered to pay them to mow while we’re away and before the place is sold, and to help themselves to veggies and flowers, and they graciously accepted.  We had a wonderful time talking at the kitchen table, and getting to see inside their place (my first time).  We invited them to come stay with us in Ohio, and they promised they would.  They’re one thing about TN I’ll miss (other than having my son here).

Here are a few of the latest bloomers.  I’m glad we got to enjoy them before we go.  Maybe the next owners and our neighbors will get to talking, and a seed will be planted in their mind to hold off bulldozing until all the flowers and trees have a chance to strut their stuff.