A Lot Like Winter

And just like that, it dropped from 65° to the 20s practically overnight, with snowfall.  Here’s the scene Misu and I woke up to this morning.  It’s not even winter yet, especially down here.  Only a few years ago I remember running around outside with the grandkids in teeshirts in late December.  Weird flukes of nature seem to be the norm now.  Anyway, it’s pretty.



Blackish Monday

The little bit of holiday shopping we po’ folks are able to do was accomplished in a few hours, in a few stores, on a Monday after the official stampedes were over.  Call it Blackish Monday.  Avoid getting trampled to death in a Walmart, and still take advantage of ongoing sales in saner stores.  The coupons I had downloaded saved us even more money.  Now we’re done.  *not gloating*

Then, since we hadn’t eaten at all, we adjourned to Yassin’s for falafel.  Besides great authentic Middle Eastern food, we get to contribute to a worthy cause.  Yassin’s is the ultimate immigrant success story.  He came here from Syria with nothing, and now is enriching his community and hiring immigrants himself.  It’s a safe space for minorities of all kinds.

Life Signs Even in December

I can’t take enough photos of this flowery profusion.

It’s been in the 50s and 60s here; what better time to pot rooted herb cuttings.  I feel like I should be seriously gardening, except there’s nothing to do out there.

I keep the “kitty TV” refilled with birdseed for Misu’s viewing pleasure.  Lately a chipmunk has moved into the bowl and keeps stuffing its face with seed for storing, making frequent round trips, in between squirrel traffic.  Of course the chippy proved elusive for this photoshoot, but the squirrels aren’t shy.  This keeps Misu very occupied.

In the Moment

Here’s an example of less is more: I barely tried with these tropicals, and look at the flower explosion.  Whereas all my striving to grow basic plants down here has yielded less than stellar results.  I blame the crappy soil and conditions down here, but still.

Avdi is over here working etc., which makes us happy, especially Misu, who has been lying in wait, literally.  She can always tell “her boy” is on the way.  We don’t get to see him as often anymore, so each glimpse is a bonus.

Here’s another case of less is more–less income is more opportunity to avoid the feeding frenzy that is xmas.  Seriously, it’s the best excuse to stay home and not get trampled underfoot.  You can’t argue with cost-of-living nonadjustment!

Hotter and Colder

Evidently we now have only two temperature settings down here: too hot and too cold, with little warning which to expect from day to day.  It keeps you guessing.  If you retire here for the weather, don’t, unless you like unpredictable extremes.  Anyway, here we are.

Misu seems to be making the best of her house arrest, taking advantage of any warmth with a view.

E outdid her famous Italian savory Florentine pie.  Mama mia.  I can’t reveal specific ingredients or I’ll have to put you on The Family’s List.  Know what I’m sayin’?

This cactus is really thriving for some reason.  Probably all the neglect.  If only it worked for old mummies like me!





“…in the Bleak December…”

The Raven (Poe)…such a fitting poem for a day like today, cold and wet, with ravens.  The warm 60s are just a memory of (literally) yesterday.  All of December is a month best left behind, in my opinion.  Especially for folks with very limited income, it sucks to feel so ungenerous, but it’s not intended, it’s just reality.  The greed frenzy swirling around us like those dead leaves will soon fade into the inevitable compost, as it were.  Then we can all get back to normal subsistence.  Enjoy these ravens (and Misu lounging in luxury, oblivious to holiday hysteria).