Staying on Top

Poor Avdi has been sick and still trying to work from bed with three kids at home or day camp, so I try to do my small part to help.  There’s never a lack of work to do: multiple dishwasher and washer/dryer loads, straightening up the house, cooking dinner (last night’s was tacos with all the fixin’s), and last but not least, making sense of the jungle that is the veg garden.  Oh, and vacuuming the algae bloom in the pool.  In the process, I find lots to photograph.

It turns out I can really grow potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, beans, Swiss chard, and borage, who knew, while the no-brainers like tomatoes, peppers, squash, melons, peas, and onions were a big challenge this year.  I did discover, to my amazement, a whole row of assorted tomato seedlings that I had direct-sown after the deluge destruction, coming up!  Maybe we’ll get tomatoes after all, however belatedly.  The weeds, probably abetted by the flood sewage, are like little shop of horrors, gobbling up everything if I don’t stay on top.

The huge crop of milkweeds really do attract all kinds of butterflies and pollinators.



Colors of Pride

It’s been hectic at the Avdi’s, with K and S at day camp (K is a counselor this year!), and Y off to overnight camp early this morning.  So I prepped for erev and then spent the night.

Friday evening Y and S and I played in the pool for a while.  It was so relaxing, like a bathtub.  Plus Y is really trusting me a lot more lately.  Whenever they’re in a bad mood (which is much of the time) and snap at me, I never react, and later they always apologize.

Today most of the household was either gone or asleep, so it was unusually quiet.  I decided just for fun to paint my dirty gray hi-tops turquoise and black with acrylics, then acrylic spray gloss sealer.  I think it was pretty clever of me.



I Can Bite!

Yesterday was auspicious: I finally realized my goal of having actual “real” teeth in my mouth!  The whole construction project took years and thousands of dollars I didn’t have, but it was worth the wait.  I can smile, eat, but most of all, feel more whole again.

Also, I got down to 118 lbs. at one point!  Mostly due to the fact that I was sick and couldn’t eat, but still!  All the exercise is paying off.  One G is not going to slow me down!

After a long dental procedure of tweaking my new implants, I lightheadedly floated over to Avdi’s and did the usual.

I wish the veg garden was as unreserved as all the flowers.  Here are some.


Private Autism Event at MOBOT

Avdi, E, S, and I went to a private sensory event for autistic/etc. people hosted by ESMW at the Botanical Gardens.  Y opted out at the last minute.  It was raining at times, but it didn’t bother us much.  There were volunteers encouraging the kids to touch and smell herbs and feed the fish (as it turned out, the mobs of geese!).  The kids really enjoyed it.  Avdi has continued to feel under the weather, so it gave him a chance to chill a little.  At the end they offered each of us a basil seedling to pot and grow.  Each of us chose a different variety.



After the Deluge B&B

I slept over so Avdi could get out and I could start the B&B setup Sunday morning.  It was a quiet, non-eventful evening.  S even let me get him to bed on time.  As usual, I couldn’t sleep much.

It was a perfect B&B day.  K mowed while I set up.  S even vacuumed the pool.  A small group of friends and kids gathered throughout the day and evening.  E baked this gorgeous, delicious cake.  I presided over the beer while some folks played badminton.  I gave away plants and greens!

Avdi was a little under the weather, from exhaustion and stress no doubt, so he was able to just chill and converse with grownups for a change.  I did the same.


Garden CPR

So of course today was a perfect summery day, sunny, dry, breezy, as if the tornadic storms never happened.  I performed some CPR and first aid on the garden, and it’s looking a lot better, despite some casualties.

The kids were pretty chill, other than an incident or two, and Avdi was able to go work away from home where tantrums couldn’t bother him.  It used to make me nervous when he’d leave me alone with Them, but now we all seem to get along and just do our various things.  I notice S listens to me and usually cooperates, and if he says or does something inappropriate, he sincerely apologizes without prompting.   K and I get along really well.  The “squirrels” have their extreme moods and anxieties, but open up to me a little more lately.  I think just my consistent presence may help them feel more secure and stable.



Flood Recovery Day [Many Brave Tomatoes Lost their Lives]

And lo, the waters receded, leaving spongy ground, many veg casualties, a shorted burned-out outlet, power outage, and sewage smell upon the land!

People’s basements (not ours, somehow) were flooded, and people demoralized.  But everyone got to work cleaning and repairing and recovering.  The resilient E&Y were determined to go ahead with their homemade lemonade and muffin stand all day.  Poor Avdi lost a lot of work time because his office power was down most of the day and he was busy dealing with the aftermath.  (Yes, some people still have to work on holiday weekends.)

I did house chores, cleaned up the whole patio, and tried to sort out the veg garden after all the flooding destruction.  Lots of seedlings sacrificed their lives (I suppose fitting on Memorial Day), so I direct-sowed more tomatoes, hoping we’ll get something.  There was a coating of smelly debris over everything.  Maybe it will fertilize them?  The hail really did a number on all the plants.  Still, it wasn’t a tornado.

Here is the veg garden, once again above water and somewhat the worse for wear; the bare reseeded tomato area; borage flowers, happier than ever with battered leaves; and prickly pear, which not even floodnado could stop.  Unfortunately, it couldn’t stop the cicadas, either.