Paschal Flowers

We’re into serious spring primetime now.  Flowers are blooming indoors and out, with flower seedlings waiting in the wings to be transplanted.  Even some radishes are disguised as flowers!  It’s actually time to plant corn and other summer crops.  Bluebirds and other colorful songbirds are lined up on the fence in a feeding and mating frenzy.  Misu is out stalking things.  I’ll be joining her out there soon.


Happy Erev Pesach

It goes without saying that my charoset wins hands down over the competition (Robert).  Avdi would agree if he were in town (he has to, I’m his mother).  We are unanimous in that.

I decided to do things a little differently this year.  I’m making fresh salmon (E’s idea) with fresh dill and white wine, for the entree, and I’m even going to do a very abbreviated actual Seder.  That is, not the “standup” improv version, but the reclining one!  We’ll see how that goes.

The rest is fairly traditional–my version of tsimmes (sweet potatoes, pineapple, cranberries, sultanas, crystallized ginger, brown sugar, and sweet spices), and the obligatory roasted fresh asparagus, with oranges and fresh rosemary.  And of course the seder plate, matzoh, lots of cheap MD “sacred syrup”, and all the seder trimmings.

It’s just us this year in Tennessee, but we’re making the most of the simple life we have.  L’chaim–to next year in a more just world.  Until then, see you under the table!

Deep Pesach Mode

In case you missed me, I’ve been deep into both gardening and Pesach mode, thus any interludes of silence. Seedlings to be upsized, superior charoset to be made, etc.  We are the champions of charoset!  No contest.

Not to worry, new flowers keep appearing whether they get photographed or not. The tall irises are blooming! Pesach in the north was never this flowery.

Well, back in I go.  To next year in a just world.


Working Alone Together

think the extreme weather event has moved on, after some dramatic blowing and spluttering.

My son worked on the back porch, while the wind attempted and failed to remove the roof over his head.

E constructed things for the house.  Meanwhile I pulled out most of the remaining winter veggies and prepped the veg garden for it’s next installments of tomatoes, etc.  Then I did more work on the fence veg beds, where I’ll sow beans, corn, squash, etc.

Misu relaxed photogenically on the deck, and later on her windowsill.  Such a hard life, being ornamental.

Extreme Weather Drama

Today there’s a line of dire weather stretching from the deep south to the northeast, featuring tornadoes, large hail, very high winds, and t-storms.  We hopefully get to miss the worst of it.  The day’s not over yet.

My son spent the night and is working here, to avoid the inevitable power outage and interruption up in the foothills.  So that’s always a pleasant diversion.  The cats are also happy to see him.

Between storms at the moment, it’s sunny and extremely flowery.  We’ll need a hay baler to mow this jungle, whenever we get the chance.


Flower Surge

My son was able to pop in for our erev meal in between business trips and conferences.  Soon he’ll be off to PA to visit the kids.  I’m always thankful for any time we get to share.

After a quick downpour, it’s sunny, windy, and 80°.  It’s a perfect day for Misu lounging on porches, and new flowers busting out.  If my photos seem redundant, it’s because you can never have too many photogenic critters and flowers.

This seems to be the spring of crazy weather and serious flower surges.  I’m also noticing more hawks, ravens, and other predators in the food chain moving in closer to our house, all part of my evil plan!



Playing Possum

This was so amazing.  Misu was tracking something intently, and it turned out to be a young opossum approaching the compost corner of the yard.  Normally a possum looks like an enormous hideous rat, but this one was fluffy and adorable, like a cross between a teddy bear and a fat siamese cat.  It was larger than Misu, who was fascinated, though cautious (you can see her crouching to the left), and they just eyed each other.  I was able to creep up close enough to take these pics.  The possum sniffed around at things and at us, drank from my puddle, checked out the compost, then climbed back up the fence and slowly returned across the field from whence s/he had come.  It was so exciting to see more evidence of wildlife feeling comfortable enough to come take advantage of the amenities and do their part, especially in daylight.

And Now it’s Summer!?

It’s 82°!  In April!  Why am I not surprised?

Today I upsized three dozen or so leggy tomato plants onto the porch.  They were outgrowing my germination shelves.  Four dozen to go; then it’s on to the peppers and eggplants.

I’ve been planting things like crazy, indoors and out.  Lots of wildflower seeds have germinated and await the signal to venture out into the wide world.

This Passover (a week from now) the garden will provide half the seder plate and all the flowers.  Here’s to next year in a just world.  I know, not likely, but it’s the spirit that counts.