Going Wild

At this point, I should just note when it isn’t raining.  The plants and I were reveling in a fine mist this morning.  All kinds of weird mystery squashes are forming, and various varieties of green tomatoes are everywhere.  The meadow is starting to color up, and the flower beds are a rainbow on this wet, cloudy day.  It doesn’t stop Misu the water-cat and me from exploring.  I’ve been hearing tree frogs nearby, and keep hoping some will find my “puddles” and move in.  That, and the ravens moving in closer each day, are all part of my evil plan to “go wild”.


And More Firsts

These may not be earth-shattering firsts, but they’re exciting to me.  

First, early this morning, what I believe to be the same young possum, only slightly larger, revisited the compost corner, where it calmly drank water out of the pond liner and old tire I have for that purpose, while I snapped photos.  Also, the ravens are starting to move in even closer to the house, though they’re still too elusive to photograph.  My evil plan at work!


Later, I stuffed ripe blackberries in my mouth while taking pictures of immature wild grapes, all of which cover the back fence.  This year there’s quite a crop.


Here is the first chamomile flower, the first baby zucchini, a new phlox, lots of pollinators on the leek globes, and lots more.


And last but not first, here is Misu the fierce jungle stalker, energy-saving every chance she gets.


Sauna Before the Next Monsoon

It’s headed for a humid 90°, before a week+ of forecasted t-storms.  The only thing predictable about TN weather is a rollercoaster of extremes.  As long as it’s not the arctic, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, or tsunamis, I’m happy, because my plants are happy.

Speaking of which, here are some annuals, perennials, wildflowers, and herbs blooming.  Also Misu lurking in her cool place under the deck, and a summery Jam Band berry ale by Boulevard, Missouri.

Foothill Play Day

We hung out with the kids (older and younger) up on the hill, while Avdi went shopping yesterday.  I had a great time with the “littles”, mostly outdoors, while E got to talk to D&V.  Poor old Tia tried to lounge on the deck, while native butterflyweed bloomed below.

I believe I’ve earned my grandparent creds by allowing some very naughty grandkid behavior to go down while Dad was out.  Not intentionally, of course, but kids will be kids!  Dad was not amused.  I hope he will forgive us and allow us back.

Later, V made this pizza completely from scratch, and D opened her home-brewed European lemony drink.  Both were delicious.

And Now Back to Early Spring

After all the raining (at least twice the average for this time of year), now we have cool, sunny, perfect spring days.  It was actually cold this morning.

Yesterday my older Gdaughter D. and friend V. spent a pleasant afternoon hanging out with us.  It was great spending some quality time with D., while E. and V. got to talk.

Today it feels a little sad without Avdi here as usual, as he’s home with the kids.  But tomorrow we’ll spend the day over there, almost like old times, but not quite.

Meanwhile, lots of butterflies and pollinators are busy in the coneflowers and other flowers, and veggies are finally appearing.


Kids in Town

I realize nobody wants to see a zillion photos of someone else’s grandkids, but please indulge a grandmother; I don’t get to do it very often.  My Gkids are in town for the summer.  I had a blast with them up on the foothill yesterday.  It alternated raining and sunning, but we played out in it regardless.  I also got to plant my older GDaughter’s herb garden that I’ve been growing for her.  E got to hang out and talk with D&V.  Hopefully my son was able to get some work done while the kids were distracted by me.  I have some pretty cool Gkids–all of them.  I had arrived feeling under the weather, but it’s hard to feel bad when surrounded by the family you care about, and nature.

On a sadder side note–it seems the much-loved “Joey” the cat disappeared and didn’t come home last night as he always does, and this morning in broad daylight a pack of mangy coyotes was sighted.  The neighbors and we were searching all over, and they took other measures, but it’s not looking good.  I feel pretty sad about it, but at least we finally got to have a civil conversation with the neighbors over mutual concerns and interests.


More Transitions

So many new flowers are blooming in all this rain.  Even the “prairie” is starting to flower.  Another hollyhock from last year just bloomed, and the veg garden is full of coreopsis (?) that came up from compost seeds.  And yay, finally my nasturtiums are budding out.

Yesterday, my son observed the first hummingbirds to visit the feeders I just put up for the season.  Always a big event for us.  Of course Misu camps out right beneath, but I doubt even the ferocious hunter can match their speed.  She settles for terrorizing a family of wrens out back.

Today it’s Shavuot, the festival between Pesach and Sukkot.  I’m trying to feel festive, but my 99-year-old Aunt Bernice just died, so there’s that.  On the other hand, my grandkids just came to town for the summer, one of the rare chances I’ll get to see them.  Lots of mixed emotions.  As with all things in life, you grab it while you can, before the next transition.