Unseasonably Warm at Koogler Wetlands/Prairie

It was a crazy warm sunny 62 degrees or so at this pretty wetlands/prairie reserve on this almost November day.  I mean the frogs were a-jumping, and blue/lavender asters were still blooming!  There was still lush greenery amidst the dazzling fall colors.  Remember, it was 80 degrees the other day.  E says this never happens here.  Summers will probably become an inferno soon.  But for now, it’s pleasant to enjoy these balmy days instead of heavy frosts.

There is what we believe to be a beaver dam in one of the photos.  The network of cattail-lined boardwalks takes you along the stream and out to prairie fields of grasses and wildflowers.  I love to take wetland boardwalk shots, with their sense of perfect perspective, and mystery up ahead around the next bend.  The ubiquitous old cedars form intricate sculptures everywhere you go around here.

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Summer in Autumn at the Narrows

Today at the Narrows it was 80+ (EIGHTY!) degrees out!  E says it’s never like this here in late October. Not that I’m complaining, it was fine weather for a hike, but it’s just a hint of climate change to come.

There were lots of young families with little children and dogs, a sign that some things are slowly improving here.  Many families were canoeing and kayaking down the river.  There were deer, and all kinds of interesting mushrooms, fungi, and lichens.  The leaves are still a mix of green and colors, but what dazzling colors!

picture1029161734_7 picture1029161734_4 picture1029161734_1 picture1029161734_8 picture1029161734_6 picture1029161734_5 picture1029161734_3 picture1029161742_8 picture1029161742_7picture1029161742_6 picture1029161742_4 picture1029161742_5 picture1029161742_3 picture1029161744_7 picture1029161742_1 picture1029161742_2 picture1029161744_5picture1029161744_2 picture1029161744_1 picture1029161744_6 picture1029161746_1


Still Flowering

I realize I’ve left you, my faithful readership of 1.5, high and dry for days without one post about yet more flowers, so I thought I’d remedy the situation with these extreme mums, Hypoestes, and others going crazy in our front bed.  Aren’t they shiny?

picture1026161806_1 picture1026161806_5 picture1026161806_3 picture1026161806_2 picture1026161806_4

Now that I’ve got your attention (?), I went to my first cardiologist today.  He was a nice Egyptian/Greek gentleman, which made me think of yummy [heart-healthy of course] food!  As for the visit, blahblah boring medical blahblah.  As the assistant girl and I agreed, life’s too short to give up things (such as pizza and beer) to prolong your existence another minute!  I don’t take myself that seriously.  Obsession with health and drugs is a slippery slope; I’ve seen where that goes, into a financial black hole and drug-induced stupor.  My father died of heart failure; maybe that’s how I’ll go, who knows or cares?  You gotta die of something.  I just want my survivors to party on, with a proper playlist and a full bar.  You know who you are.  Not to be morbid.  😀

Oh, and keep the flowers growing in the ground, where they belong!  (See above.)

Living Color at Glen Helen P.1

It’s almost impossible to take a non-photogenic picture in the fall at Glen Helen.

GH is the home of the iconic irony Yellow Springs, and waterfalls like sparkly bead curtains over caves.  Also “my” famous tree sculpture.  It was a warm, almost tropical day, in a gorgeous display of every shade and hue.  Colorful leaves floated in the deep, fish-filled river.  All kinds of wildlife were out gorging themselves, stocking up for winter, too focused to notice us.  There were many interesting fungi and lichens.

I’ll post this in two parts.  The falls are in part 2.

picture1019161638_5 picture1019161638_4 picture1019161638_3 picture1019161638_2 picture1019161640_6 picture1019161640_4 picture1019161638_1 picture1019161640_5 picture1019161640_3 picture1019161640_7 picture1019161642_8 picture1019161642_7 picture1019161642_6 picture1019161642_5 picture1019161642_4 picture1019161642_3 picture1019161642_2 picture1019161642_1

Happy Erev Fest

As promised, we stopped by Peifer’s Orchard on the way home from hiking at John Bryan (which will be in a separate post), and stocked up on squashes, gourds, and lots of kinds of apples.  There were pumpkins everywhere.

Then I fixed a middle eastern meal of tabbouleh (my own version, with many grains, and all homegrown herbs) and red (orange) lentils with a fresh-ground middle eastern/Indian masala.  It’s getting quite festive.  More so after we drink some more and get schnockered.  Consider the Harvest V-bar open for business.  L’chaim!

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