Still Flowering

I realize I’ve left you, my faithful readership of 1.5, high and dry for days without one post about yet more flowers, so I thought I’d remedy the situation with these extreme mums, Hypoestes, and others going crazy in our front bed.  Aren’t they shiny?

picture1026161806_1 picture1026161806_5 picture1026161806_3 picture1026161806_2 picture1026161806_4

Now that I’ve got your attention (?), I went to my first cardiologist today.  He was a nice Egyptian/Greek gentleman, which made me think of yummy [heart-healthy of course] food!  As for the visit, blahblah boring medical blahblah.  As the assistant girl and I agreed, life’s too short to give up things (such as pizza and beer) to prolong your existence another minute!  I don’t take myself that seriously.  Obsession with health and drugs is a slippery slope; I’ve seen where that goes, into a financial black hole and drug-induced stupor.  My father died of heart failure; maybe that’s how I’ll go, who knows or cares?  You gotta die of something.  I just want my survivors to party on, with a proper playlist and a full bar.  You know who you are.  Not to be morbid.  😀

Oh, and keep the flowers growing in the ground, where they belong!  (See above.)

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