Fun Debate Games

Beyond a certain point, the Dem debates start to seem funny to me, to the point where I made up silly names to tell the candidates apart, no disrespect intended, such as: Delooney, Chickenpooper, Wonkysuck, Buttock, O’Dork, Butto’jokes, and so on.  I know, pretty juvenile!  Also I thought up a drinking game for each time Warren said “suck”.  Fortunately I didn’t actually do shots, or I would have been trashed.  I should mention, I have a lot of regard for some of the above candidates, but others just crack me up.  I won’t mention any names.  😀

Meanwhile it seems the world is burning or flooding or both.  Roads in Europe are melting!  Of course, like an evil machine conspiracy, that’s when AC units decide to die.  Weirdly, both my son’s and ours did it simultaneously yesterday.  His was much more serious and expensive, unfortunately, and coincided with sending the kids off to return to PA.  Ours was less extreme, but still a big setback for us.  But we made the most of it, watching the AC technician dissect, repair, and clean our unit (apparently for the first time since before we moved here), and learning all about AC parts.  That’s how boring our life is!  AC restored.

The heat doesn’t deter flowers, however.  Here are some basking in the sauna.

Misu is getting more used to being a house cat.  Here she is being a gargoyle in my office as I type this.

Well, back to debate-baiting.

Nothing New Under the Sun

They weren’t kidding about okra tripling in size overnight.  You turn your back and it turns into a monster.  They must be happy to see me.  The tomatoes aren’t too shy, either.

Here are more flowers blooming in the hot sun.  The purple ones are native delphinium AKA larkspur.

Here’s what water-kitty does on a hot day.  She’s no dope.  Stay hydrated!


Yesterday’s visit up on Avdi’s hill was kind of bittersweet, as it was the last time I’ll see the kids before they go back to PA.  Who knows when I’ll get to see them again.  Plus Avdi will be away for quite a while himself, so we’ll be on our own.  Life must go on; like irreversible river currents, you may as well go with the flow.

So I tried to make the most of my time with them, playing outside for the much of the sunny day, while Avdi got stuff done.  There were pretend fire pits, lean-tos, leaf nests, hose rivers and dams, water guns, and just hanging around with them and with D.  The latter let me sample some of her good home-fermented Scandinavian sima (like a lemony mead).  Add a couple of decent beers, and the day was complete.

Mojito Days

Yesterday was mowing day, then mojito day.  Here are some flowers and pollinators enjoying the rare sunny day.  The veggies are pretty happy, too.

Today was challah baking day, by E.

Many observers of butterflies are reporting how unusually scarce they seem to be this year, due to harmful  environmental practices.  I’ve noticed their absence myself, so when I see one, it’s an event.  This one was enjoying the buddleia (butterfly bushes) out in the field.  I think it’s a type of swallowtail, possibly a female.


After the Flood

We got almost 4 1/2 inches of rain in a 24-hour period.  It appears to have set a new record for the location and date.  Fortunately we’re on a hill, so we’re not underwater like other parts of the country.  All my tree saplings are happy, and a gang of rabbits are camped out in the meadow, where lots of wildflowers are blooming.  Misu chose to camp out in a box.


I refer of course to how well done you’ll get in this scorching heat.  And we here don’t even have the worst of it.  Someone we know in upper NY state had to go to the hospital from just moderate heat exposure.

I myself have to pace myself when working out in the garden, as I did today.  My years of conditioning at work probably help, but I’m still feeling it.

It’s almost too hot to take many photos.  Here’s the latest hibiscus bloom, and Misu surveying the queendom.  All kinds of colorful birds (and squirrels) have been tearing it up in the sunflowers.

Time for an icy drink, such as this homemade fresh strawberry daiquiri that I forgot to post the other day.