bloodmoon eclipse

wow, what an evening.  on the way to finding a place to watch the eclipse, we saw–elephants!  i kid you not.  must be a circus in town.  then we found a dark farm field to watch the whole thing for a couple of hours.  all the clouds cleared out in time and it was astounding.  then we heard a pack of coyotes howling right across the field from us–i suppose at the moon!  we sort of got going then.

of course all my phone shots just look like a tiny blob of light, it figures.  but it was a beautiful light show, so surreal.  here are not very good shots of the beginning.  somehow a huge glowing red orb of light hanging in the sky was invisible to my poor excuse for a camera.  but anyway we got to see it with our own eyes.

Picture0927152257_5 Picture0927152257_7


behold: a pie

it looks like a pumpkin pie, smells like a pumpkin pie, and the verdict is in:  it tastes like a pumpkin pie!  i have corroboration that this indeed is a pumpkin pie.  it’s a miracle.  i actually got it just right, and from scratch.  it only took me hours of slavery in the kitchen, but it was worth it.  and there you have it.  i am awesome.  ;D