This is NOT A BLAHG!  Or blahgpost.  I swear.  You are deceived.  I am still on blahg “hiatus”.  You did not see this, it’s a mirage in the mist [spoiler alert].

However.  I need someplace to post my favorite photos, and not on stupid social media!  Think of it as a personal photo journal.  Can you blame me?  I can’t help myself.  I promise to “try” to use restraint.  It’s not like I’m forcing you to read this!  As you probably won’t!  So there you have it.

These are from Indian Mound Reserve this morning.  After all the rain, Massie Creek was a deep rushing torrent, and thick mist enveloped the jungly forest, through which sunbeams poured.  The mossy “temple” was particularly “mistical”.

Look how self-restrained I was!  I know, predictable, shut up.  Since you’re not seeing this anyway, here are jalapeños I grew.  Just for personal reference of course, wink, nudge.