Best Reunion of All

Just an update to say my son and co. (D&C) did visit!  It was a flying visit, as they were only midpoint in their long journey home, so the few photos I took were also on the fly.  Still, it was wonderful to finally see my son and other family members after so long.  I can barely believe they actually stopped by.  We got to light the very first Chanukah light together, and I fed them Indian-style leftovers (latkes, etc.) and pie.  Misu was happy to see “her boy” again.  As was I.


Segue to Chanukah ’21

Today the leftovers from TG magically transformed into a spicy Indian curry.  A perfect segue into Chanukah, beginning tomorrow evening, which will no doubt be Sephardic-style, knowing me.

I’m happily looking forward to a possible visit by Avdi and co. on their way home from TG in PA, where the (G)kids are, to MO.  We’re about the halfway point on their route.  It feels like forever since I’ve seen them.

My mother turned 94 today.  She’s like a demented zombie, barely aware of who anyone is or what they’re saying.  She responds in monosyllabic noises, if at all.  It’s pretty strange.  But hey, I called.

Here is Misu the Gargoyle on a shelf.

Erev Native American Heritage Day

A.K.A. Thanksgiving.  ’nuff said about genocide.

Good excuse to drink some excellent local craft coffee stout and eat stuff.  Here is some festive décor.  And pies.  We really do like pie.  Reminds me of a certain MST3K Marathon, a TG tradition among pie enthusiasts.  I may even dredge up Alice’s Restaurant Massacree from the crypt.  That’s how we oldsters do TG.


In Stasis

It’s literally freezing here.  Aagghh.  I mean colder than the normal cold November in Ohio.  I got spoiled down south, and it’s hard to adjust.  Normally I’d still be doing gardeny things.  My brain is even more sluggish than the rest of me, as I go into dormant mode.  I’ve got like ten layers on.  Did I mention NOT a winter person?

What I am thankful for is not having to travel anywhere for Thanksgiving.  Already the craziest travel day of the year, add to that surges in COVID all over the country that will only get worse over the holidays.  I’m quite content to just stay home and sane.  Well, relatively sane-ish.

I did what little gift-shopping and shipping I need to online.  We bought and stashed our TG ingredients early on.  I have my few Chanukah items ready for Sunday night.  The rest of the holidays should be spent in stasis, if possible.  After the xmas eve Chinese, that is.

Here are E’s excellent homemade pumpkin and cherry pies!  And a pussycat in a pear tree!



Boosting the Signal

Yesterday I got my Moderna booster shot, and all I got was this sticker to prove it–and enhanced immunity from COVID!  My arm’s a little sore, but that’s it.  I strongly recommend getting your booster.  And…it’s free.

This is our “Chanukah tree” by E.  More like a sapling.  It has a cat on top.  We don’t do Christmas as such, but one can never have too many sparkly lights!

It’s been cold and rainy here, which means I turn into The Hibernator.  T-shirt weather in December is but a dim memory, one of a few good ones of Tennessee.  I guess I’m willing to trade that in for decent healthcare, reasonably open-minded people, mostly competent contractors, more environmental awareness, and the headshop village of YS, to name a few.



Weather Extremes

Sunday looked like this–cold and snowing.

Today it was 65º, like a windy spring day.  I actually mowed the lawn.  Asters are still blooming like crazy, while tree leaves persist in brilliant red.  It was a freak warm day–it’s going back to frigid tomorrow.  I’ll take what I can get.

That was after a visit to HQ, where I finally got my long-awaited official Tavern t-shirt, courtesy of E.  That rated two beers, one from Michigan and one from right here in Yellow Springs.  Here’s a pretty view from their back room.

Hello, I’m Back

Welp I’m back, on my brand new shiny MacBook Air.  Did you think you could be rid of me that easily?  Heheheh [evil laughter].  It was sad to let go of my faithful old mac of 10 (!) years, but it was overdue.  I was able to trade it in toward the tech support/warranty, plus it will be used to help rebuild new laptops for needy communities, a worthy cause, not just dumped in a landfill.  So long may it run in its next incarnation.  Here are the old and new macs.  This one shall remain sticker-less (so I say).

I even managed to set up my new Canon printer and connect our laptops through wifi, not easy for the tech-challenged, so we’re back in business printing/scanning/copying.  It only took us a whole day.

Outside, it’s cold and snowing!!  Here’s the view from Misu’s enclosed patio (where I have my herbs and mixed salad greens sprouts coming up).  She and I are still getting used to this northern climate again.  Down south it’s like 20 degrees warmer, one of the few things I miss about TN.  Back to going dormant for the winter.



See You on the Other Side ’21

Goodbye old friend.  My old MacBook Air (2012) has served me well, but it’s on its last legs (like my Subaru), so it’s time to say goodbye and start a clean slate.  I’m quite nervous about this transition, but I’ll get through it as with everything, with a little help from the Apple genius bar.  If you notice a temporary absence, I’ll just be learning my way around the new updated version.  Hopefully it will be a relatively painless process.  See you on the other side!


Long May You Run ’21

One by one we’re checking off the major to-do list.  Can you guess what today’s was?  A return to our original favorite Subaru dealership to order a shiny new Impreza to replace my very old one (’04).  (Though not quite as old as the one pictured!)  She has served us well, and I will miss her.  At least we got a better trade-in figure than we expected, plus the friendly, reputable, no-pressure Subaru treatment which was so lacking in Tennessee.

Definitely the end of an era–literally–for me.  Because of the current supply chain issues, they actually have to build our order from scratch, and let us know in a few months when it’s ready.  So I have a little more time to say goodbye to my faithful ride.  “Long may you run, although these changes have come!”

Clifton Gorge Revisited ’21

Our latest “reunion” was at Clifton Gorge today.  It’s a deep canyon cut by ancient glaciers, with the Little Miami River rushing through it down below, and towering cliffs with huge old trees clinging to them above.  They’ve rebuilt and improved many of the wooden stairways, bridges, and boardwalks since we were last there years ago.  It was a perfect cool fall day with both colorful turning leaves and persisting greenery sheltered by the rocks and cliffs.