Long May You Run ’21

One by one we’re checking off the major to-do list.  Can you guess what today’s was?  A return to our original favorite Subaru dealership to order a shiny new Impreza to replace my very old one (’04).  (Though not quite as old as the one pictured!)  She has served us well, and I will miss her.  At least we got a better trade-in figure than we expected, plus the friendly, reputable, no-pressure Subaru treatment which was so lacking in Tennessee.

Definitely the end of an era–literally–for me.  Because of the current supply chain issues, they actually have to build our order from scratch, and let us know in a few months when it’s ready.  So I have a little more time to say goodbye to my faithful ride.  “Long may you run, although these changes have come!”

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