It’s (Un)official

  1. The first crocus of the season.
  2. The first indoor seed-sowing .
  3. Erev my birthday.

Yesterday at A’s, I planted the first three flats in the prop. station: leeks, scallions, cilantro, two varieties of broccoli, kale mix, pak choi, collards, and tatsoi (bok choy).

First crocus sighting is always happy.

My birthday, maybe not so much, but at this stage it’s an accomplishment just to keep living.

In less good news, S once again got suspended (from half days!).  Apparently he got aggressive and had to be restrained.  Ironically, at home he’s been improving on self-regulation, voluntarily doing routine self-care he normally goes to pieces over, and playing outside for hours.  He’s less disruptive during work hours and somewhat more respectful of personal boundaries.


2 thoughts on “It’s (Un)official

  1. Just learned about your blog from A. I’ve been an internet friend of his since like 2000. WE only met once, in person way back when sometime (when he visited Madison).

    Nice to meet a fellow blogger!


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