Learning the Art of Family

At this point it’s repetitious to say I returned to spend the night at Avdi’s again, because it’s where I spend most of my time.  This time, Avdi and Jess got to go out for a much-needed respite.  The kids and I seem to have found an agreeable, mostly calm accord.  If someone needs to go have a meltdown or be to themself, I take it more in stride, or just wait it out without interfering.  They seem fine with me being a fixture there.

Yesterday (Sunday) was household tasks and organization day.  Avdi and the kids worked on assembling more furniture for organizing their room, so they have more space to work with under their lofts.  Down the basement, I mixed seed starter and filled peat pots in flats.  Avdi assembled some shelving down there for more storage, and I organized the prop area, while he prepared to set up and expand the space for grow lights and heat mats.  Pretty soon it will be ready to begin sowing.

Later we had Sunday evening charcuterie and a family meeting around the table to pick out favorite meals for weeknights, and finally sort out everyone’s belongings that had been piling up.  There was some resistance as usual, but eventually the goals were accomplished, with some amusement.

The days have been warming up a little, and S has been spending lots of time in the afternoons playing outside, with me or the neighbor kids, or alone.  He’s starting to take more initiative to manage basic tasks without meltdowns or resistance.  He even offers to help me sometimes.  It’s encouraging to see him learn to be more functional and appropriate, with the help of tweaking the meds.

Y has been very moody and adversarial (probably exacerbated by hormonal changes), interspersed with manic playfulness.  I try to just be pleasant and sensitive, or just stay out of their way.

I can almost sense the end of winter just over the horizon.  Then I’ll be busier (or deader) than ever!



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