Spring Tease-and-Freeze

I practically live at The Avdi’s now, hence the lack of updating.  There’s been a whirl of playing outdoors with S, S playing with “the little buds” next door, cooking and cleaning, organizing the growing area, my vertigo therapy, and occasional visits to the apartment.

Thanks to Food Outreach, I now have lots of healthy food, but little time to fix it; in fact, I have so much, I’m donating to the family cause.  Which is fine, since I owe them big time.  I mean, look at that charcuterie spread!

Spring is teasing and taunting, then retracting.  But momentum is building.  I used to hate my birthday being in the middle of February, but now I appreciate it as the seed starting and flower bud emerging month.  Just on the verge of hope.


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