February Spring Dreams

I spent most of the last few days and nights at Avdi’s.  Shabbat went nicely.  I made an Asian-style salmon, ramen, and spinach frozen from the garden.  The kids got to go to a musical at the HS with Jess.  The next day Avdi and E got to go hiking at Castlewood State Park along the Meramec River.

Some of the visit is lost in the fogbrain of being under the weather, but at least I didn’t break any more body parts.  I went home briefly and compiled a garden schedule for the coming season; I also ordered seed-starting supplies.  Then I returned for another night.  E had baked some of their trademark confectionary.  They even figured out how to make candied pomelo.  Avdi and Jess got to go out together to friends’.

Today E and I reorganized and sorted the laundry room storage areas in preparation for setting up propagation.  We got a lot done.  Then I drove home (Jess’s car) and ordered the rest of the seeds for this year.  Flower bulbs are starting to pop up in the garden already.

My nights have been either sleepless or nightmare-filled for some reason, so I hope to catch up on sleep while at my apartment, then get more done at Avdi’s during the week.



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