Metaphysical Alchemy

They sent me back to the eldritch chair; here it is in all its lurid weirdness.  Actually, it’s pretty comfortable, except when the crazy disco lights convince you the chair is spinning, when it’s really your brain.  Sometimes you’re in agitation or spin cycle.  It all happens in a pitch black closed compartment with a disembodied voice talking you through it; not for the claustrophobic.  I even get to do homework twice a day online, in case I miss all the dizziness designed to fix my vertigo!  Some kind of metaphysical alchemy going on there…

Thankfully that was the only outing I had to go on this week, since this cold has really put me under the weather.  The good news is, with all the free food I was able to score through the generosity of others, I’m eating a more healthy and balanced diet.  It’s a much-appreciated luxury.

Tomorrow I’ll probably be back to the family Shabbat preps and other diversions.

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