Boosting the Signal

Yesterday I got my Moderna booster shot, and all I got was this sticker to prove it–and enhanced immunity from COVID!  My arm’s a little sore, but that’s it.  I strongly recommend getting your booster.  And…it’s free.

This is our “Chanukah tree” by E.  More like a sapling.  It has a cat on top.  We don’t do Christmas as such, but one can never have too many sparkly lights!

It’s been cold and rainy here, which means I turn into The Hibernator.  T-shirt weather in December is but a dim memory, one of a few good ones of Tennessee.  I guess I’m willing to trade that in for decent healthcare, reasonably open-minded people, mostly competent contractors, more environmental awareness, and the headshop village of YS, to name a few.



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