Hello, I’m Back

Welp I’m back, on my brand new shiny MacBook Air.  Did you think you could be rid of me that easily?  Heheheh [evil laughter].  It was sad to let go of my faithful old mac of 10 (!) years, but it was overdue.  I was able to trade it in toward the tech support/warranty, plus it will be used to help rebuild new laptops for needy communities, a worthy cause, not just dumped in a landfill.  So long may it run in its next incarnation.  Here are the old and new macs.  This one shall remain sticker-less (so I say).

I even managed to set up my new Canon printer and connect our laptops through wifi, not easy for the tech-challenged, so we’re back in business printing/scanning/copying.  It only took us a whole day.

Outside, it’s cold and snowing!!  Here’s the view from Misu’s enclosed patio (where I have my herbs and mixed salad greens sprouts coming up).  She and I are still getting used to this northern climate again.  Down south it’s like 20 degrees warmer, one of the few things I miss about TN.  Back to going dormant for the winter.



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