Unseasonably Warm at Koogler Wetlands/Prairie

It was a crazy warm sunny 62 degrees or so at this pretty wetlands/prairie reserve on this almost November day.  I mean the frogs were a-jumping, and blue/lavender asters were still blooming!  There was still lush greenery amidst the dazzling fall colors.  Remember, it was 80 degrees the other day.  E says this never happens here.  Summers will probably become an inferno soon.  But for now, it’s pleasant to enjoy these balmy days instead of heavy frosts.

There is what we believe to be a beaver dam in one of the photos.  The network of cattail-lined boardwalks takes you along the stream and out to prairie fields of grasses and wildflowers.  I love to take wetland boardwalk shots, with their sense of perfect perspective, and mystery up ahead around the next bend.  The ubiquitous old cedars form intricate sculptures everywhere you go around here.

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