Putting Down and Pulling Up Stakes

It’s nice having good neighbors, however briefly we got to know them.  It’s nice to have friends to give functional items to, who can definitely use them.  They’ve really helped us out with aspects of our move, as well.  We have lots in common, too.  We are grateful, and wish them all the best.

Today, in preparation for pulling up stakes, I put some literal stakes down to clearly mark all my little trees.  Now they look like proper, intentional trees for someone to notice and hopefully keep.  Likewise, I’m working my way around the yard, cleaning up the landscape to make it more appealing and worth preserving.  One can hope.

I mean, how can you not love all these beautiful plantings?  Once I weed and mulch it all, it will look almost, well, if not professional, at least somewhat planned and maintained.  Then I’ll let it all go and wish it the best.  It was a good experiment while it lasted.  I’m glad I got the chance to learn about many native plants new to me, and create a more wildlife-friendly environment.


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