Gaining and Losing Good Neighbors

It’s kind of sad and ironic that, due to the pandemic, we’re only now finally getting to know our next-door neighbors now that we’re moving.  We all like each other and wish we didn’t have to leave them like this, not knowing who or what might move in here, just when they were feeling more confident and secure about the situation.

Yesterday we had them over to look at give-away items (happily they could use much of it) and give them the garden tour.  We offered to pay them to mow while we’re away and before the place is sold, and to help themselves to veggies and flowers, and they graciously accepted.  We had a wonderful time talking at the kitchen table, and getting to see inside their place (my first time).  We invited them to come stay with us in Ohio, and they promised they would.  They’re one thing about TN I’ll miss (other than having my son here).

Here are a few of the latest bloomers.  I’m glad we got to enjoy them before we go.  Maybe the next owners and our neighbors will get to talking, and a seed will be planted in their mind to hold off bulldozing until all the flowers and trees have a chance to strut their stuff.



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