Water Power Blaster

Co-Captain’s Log Stardate 07202021: The work is proceeding at warp 8.5.  So far no wormholes or vortices.

E has set up most of the new accounts and payments at the other end, while coordinating the exit strategy at this end.  It’s a tricky fine line.  At the moment, she’s busy aiming power blasts of water at the house to remove decades of buildup.  It’s looking almost like a new house.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working my way around the house doing major garden cleanup.  I finished the herb and herb annex beds, and the difference is like night and day.  It actually looks like an herb garden again.  I’m also continuing to pack up the house.  We’re almost there.

Lots happening as usual in the garden.  Do you think the tomatoes and peppers did well this year?  Location and conditions make all the difference.  The timing was serendipitous as well.  We got to enjoy a successful crop of veggies and flowers before we leave.




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