Seriously Counting Down

We’re squarely in the final stretch now.  Most of our belongings are in boxes.  E is scouring each room.  I’ve cleaned up most of the landscape.  The gutter guys will install gutters today, our final repair.  We’re packing for our first Ohio trip to move into the leased house/set up services in about a week.  Other than mountains of boxes, this place is looking nice enough to move into!  Let’s hope someone else finds it that inviting in a timely manner.

Poor Misu can tell something’s up.  Her stuff keeps getting rearranged.  She looks a bit anxious.  She won’t be amused by our upcoming leaves of absence, however brief.  Not to mention the lockdowns while our agent is showing the house to strangers.  The final straw will be her first long road trip to a foreign state.  Hopefully the cat meds will help with her own state.  Moving is always a stressful time for everyone, including pets.  At least she knows how to grab frequent catnaps.  Unlike myself, losing more sleep each night.

Here are some more shots of the property, including one very clean and staging-ready laundry room, and a majestic resident hawk overseeing the whole business.  Plus an update–gutters are installed!  They did an excellent job.  It looks like a real house!






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