Silver Linings Payback

One thing I’ll say for this Yom Kippur–it’s one of the strangest, bleakest ones in my memory, and I don’t need to tell you why.  The most positive aspect of it, ironically, is the fast.  A system purge and reset is definitely in order.  Overeating is overrated.

As for atonement and justice, a certain criminal-in-chief comes to mind.  Regardless of your thoughts on g-d, or lack thereof, surely some overdue judgment or consequences must eventually prevail.  No one, not even a Hitler, gets away with murder forever.  I have to believe he’ll get what he deserves, and soon.

And now back down to earth.  It’s been raining like a sieve.  The field and garden are loaded with festive colors.  When I’m feeling overly anxious and depressed, biology reassures me that not all is f—ed up beyond repair.  Just under a dark cloud for now, with the odd glimmer of light.  Silver linings payback, perhaps?  ;-D


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