It would be absurd, if it weren’t so disturbing.  For the second (or third, or fifth) time today, we had a tornado warning, and even another tiresome siren!  At first you get no confirmation whatsoever, then you get slammed with STL alerts and warnings every five minutes, almost after the fact.  They really got T-season off with a bang.  I’m starting to see why most people here don’t take it seriously.  It’s like crying wolf.  Or tornado.  Wolfnado!

I had walked to Avdi’s, literally between warnings, as it were, figuring at least I could get something productive done, which I did.  I direct-sowed carrots, spinach, collards, and swiss chard in the garden.  Of course then there was another warning, so I quickly walked back, despite Avdi’s offer to drive me.  Hey, what the hell, it’s a 50/50 chance.

Here’s how you can tell there’s a tornado warning in STL: people are out strolling, walking their dogs, gardening, children are playing, the mail guy is chatting with a neighbor, while above our heads, dark foreboding clouds are rolling in with thunder and big drops of rain portending 3-inch hail.

I got in sight of my apartment just as multiple tornado alert sirens went off.  I took photos of flowers in the gathering storm.  I think I’m turning STL-ese, because I just rolled my eyes in philosophical disgust and continued to walk home.  I guess that’s how it starts.  You just get skeptical.

Now I’m just typing this, as the text alerts continue to annoy.  I mean, if it’s our turn, all we can do is kiss our ass goodbye.  Seriously though, how do people live like this?  I miss plain old hurricanes.

I think I’ll drink to another narrow escape!




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