STL Monsoon Season

This has to be the wettest spring yet.  It pours, storms, and floods every day.  A dry sunny day is unusual.  The garden is literally drowning.  Every so often I run out there and do some soggy work before the clouds open up again.  That, along with the mass suicide of cicadas by the millions, and the happy mosquitoes, makes for a unique plaguey experience!

Yesterday I did manage to get a lot done in a brief rain intermission.  I prepped the tomato areas along the outside front of the veg garden, and transplanted the tiny seedlings.  I did the same with the peppers wherever onions are missing in their rows.  I weeded along the peas and cucumbers.  Hopefully all the rain will boost their growth.

Pretty much all the herbs and veggies are now planted (or replanted) outdoors, and just require constant tweaking and maintenance to make up for challenging conditions.  I’m using hydroponics and soil germination at home to replace a few of the casualties.

This is the one year anniversary (yahrzeit) of my mother’s death.



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