Homey TG Preps

Just a quick check-in before TG preps get into high gear.

The other day I stayed with S and Y while Avdi took K and E shopping.  Y was to sit and do their dreaded procrastinated HW, while S played quietly.  It actually happened!  On my watch!  Y spent the whole time slogging away on the HW, while S did animation on his tablet.  I actually got to read a book (on ND science).  Avdi was so proud, he then took Y out shopping!  This is hopefully a trend.

S went back to school this week–so far so good, I think.  I had medical stuff, as usual, and lots of business to take care of.   Right now I’m baking cranberry lemon bars, then going to A’s to watch kids.  Tomorrow I’ll be preparing my list of recipes to bring to TG on Thursday.  I can’t remember the last time I got to join a big homey TG family gathering.  Or got so domesticated.

Update: Change of plans, didn’t go to A’s tonight; he was already tired of being a shuttle service all evening.  It’s all good, because I’m trying not to get sick, and instead got more preps done.  Less preps to do tomorrow.

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