Riding the Family VelociCoaster

I spend time almost every day now at Avdi’s, especially with S having been suspended for a week.  That’s a whole issue with the school in itself.  I’ll just say, MO educators need to do their HW and graduate to the 21st century.  The added burden due to incompetence or underfunding shouldn’t be loaded onto already overwhelmed single parents working overtime.  ND kids shouldn’t be rewarded for acting out at school by being continually sent home to do nothing and not be educated.  ’nuff said.

On a happier note, I amazingly made it down to 123.7 lbs!!  My goal is finally in sight.  Walking to Avdi’s, doing housework, and chasing S around each day make all the difference.  The kids seem to respond well to my always being around and have been opening up more.  Now we play and joke around, or just hang out together.  I get to observe what Avdi goes through daily by being there consistently, not just sporadically.

For example, Y often has screaming meltdowns when some little thing frustrates them, like HW or simple tasks, and A has to stop everything and calm them down.  One minute they’re all hyper and manic, the next minute they’re withdrawn and sullen, like a volatile roller coaster.  There’s little in-between.  Ironically, they often behave like S, whom they despise for acting that way.  Maybe it reminds them of themself.  The anger and despondency are strangely reminiscent for me.  Few parents could handle it as well as Avdi does, all things considered.

Shabbat preps went well.  I got to borrow J’s car, so I could pick up some last minute supplies, saving A the trouble.  The meal was enjoyable, and S actually ate some of it!  In fact, yesterday he even finished some of the leftovers!  This rarely happens.  I try to gear my menu to simple recipes he’ll try.

Having the car really helped us all, because I was able to run errands and pick up all the Thanksgiving supplies I’ll need to prepare my portion of it, which I keep expanding to take some of the load off the others.  I can easily roast the turkey and other menu items at my apartment, freeing up their kitchen for all the baking which the kids and their Mom, whose turn it is to visit, will be doing.  We actually get to spend a holiday together as a family (three gens) at home.

Here are some random shots of typical antics and amusements, even serious moments, at The Avdi’s.





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