Dizzy Chambers of Dr. X

For three 1/2 hours yesterday I looked like a VR gamer or astronaut trainee, with goggles, helmet, mike, electrodes, skydiving rig, being spun around in a rotary chair in a pitch-black claustrophobic chamber with bells and whistles and lights, or in an echoey cave-thing with vertiginous lights and disturbingly unstable footing, to mention just a few of the diabolical devices.  The very nice doctor who guided me through the ordeal wasn’t as evil as she looks!

Amazingly, I came out unscathed, just lightheaded after all the fasting and maneuvers.  Lots of charts and graphs of my inner ear canals, nerves, organs, eyes, and brain were created.  It’s fascinating how they all interrelate and connect.  It’s a complex specialized field.  Maybe they’ll figure out what my latest disease is.  Can’t wait.  Actually, I can, because it’s unaffordable.


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