Dead Leaves But Live Crowd

One thing about B&Bs, you never know what or whom to expect, but it’s always a pleasant surprise, and The Dead Leaves Edition was no exception.  It was a huge success, and a delightful crowd, with many new faces, young and younger.  It was ostensibly the grand finale of the B&B season, but after yesterday’s, which went far into the evening, we’re considering  winter-appropriate editions.

It was a beautiful day in the 60s, bug-and-humidity-free, which may partly explain the turnout.  I got up and cleaned and set up the patio.  E outdid themself with exquisite confections that everyone loved.  Seriously, this kid is a pastry chef.  They also brewed a lovely lemonade tea.  Avdi made a wonderful hot mulled cider in the crockpot, the perfect warming drink for a cooling down evening.  (Some of us may have spiked ours with rum later on.)  Others brought food contributions as well.  There were lots of assorted drinks and beers.  I tried so many I lost track.

One of our new visitors brought her kids, who really enjoyed themselves, and gave S kids to play with.  I myself got to talk to lots of familiar and new people.

It started to chill down later, but people didn’t want to leave, so we built a fire and K toasted things over it.  As the evening wore on, everyone snuggled up to the fire and played trivia games, while others actually played badminton in the dark!  At one point I accompanied Joyce down the street to get more firewood, and I got my Petey the Dog fix!

It was a long day, and everyone was tired, so I just spent another night over.  I actually slept this time!  Even with kids upstairs squabbling before going to school.  S of course is suspended for the week, so I spent some time with him this morning while waiting to get dropped off.  I’ll try to do more of same this week.

Community really is essential to mental health, whether it’s just chilling together, or commiserating over shared human experiences, or celebrating both uniqueness and commonality.  I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of it.


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