If Wishes Were Money…

For the second time in a couple of days, I walked over to Avdi’s, and my leg held out.  I’m glad I can get back to exercising.

There’s a house for rent directly across from Avdi’s.  We all wish there were some way to afford it for me, it would be so perfect, but it’s completely out of the question.  It was moving to hear the kids try to think of ways to raise that much money, though impossible, so I could live across the street!  I would need a very reliable roommate to split the rent with.  We resignedly watched some potential tenants with kids look at it yesterday.  It was fun wishful-thinking, anyway.

Did I say S was suspended three times?  Now it’s four, for five days.  He tried to run home from school after whatever didn’t go his way.  We’re hoping he won’t have to end up segregated in a special ed situation.

Other than that, it was a routine day of erev preps.  I made hot BBQ wings, sweet spiced baked acorn squash, and Cajun roasted fresh veggies, some from the garden.  The challah was of course excellent, what can I say.  We had an enjoyable time around the table.

Now I’m home, but going back to spend tomorrow night there, and Sunday for a final B&B of the season.


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