Cool and Breezy, with Occasional Frenzy and Dizzy Spells

The weather has been miraculously cool and breezy, so I actually got a lot done in the garden the last couple of days, in between kid-watching.  Things are settling down for the most part (you can guess which part isn’t particularly).  Sometimes S is happily swimming or playing with a friend, sometimes he’s having a tantrum or frenzy over some minute concern.  Sometimes I just have to step away and let him work it out.

I’ve been hoping this recurrence of dizziness isn’t the start of another attack of vertigo.  This would be the worst timing, when Avdi needs all the help he can get while meeting with school officials and planning strategies (while working, of course).  It’s very complicated and exhausting for him.  Meanwhile, I’m scheduling various doctors and specialists for the coming months, and the rides I’ll need, also complicated.  Good thing I had practice caregiving for my parents(?).

We had an interesting traveller pass through, an acquaintance of Avdi’s on a cross-country trip who needed a place to stay for the night.  She was patiently showing S how to make Scandinavian filled crêpes when I walked in, and then we got to talking.  A fascinating story and background.  I love that my son values the ethical custom of welcoming in strangers and passers-through, including marginalized atypical people, and making them feel at home, something I’ve always admired about some cultures.  Also glad I can partake in it, unlike in Ohio.

Here are some random shots from the last couple of days.



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