I walked over early because Avdi had meetings with school officials for E and S.  The latter has become a complicated bureaucratic labyrinth due to certain people not doing their jobs competently.  Avdi had jumped through all the medical, legal hoops in a very timely manner to make sure S’s special needs are met, but someone was negligent and created an issue, so Avdi has to spend more time untangling it with days until school begins.  It seems other parents of ND kids have run into similar incompetence, so he’s not alone, at least.

So I watched S, and did more garden cleanup, and stuck around while A and various kids took care of school business and shopping.  A was exhausted, so I walked home.  Halfway there I heard “Nomi, Nomi!!”  I turned around to find S had run after me without letting anyone know!  Just one fun quirk of many with ND kids.  He said he’s so used to me being around, he’s sad and misses me when I’m gone!  I’m not sure if that’s a totally good sign, but at least he trusts me that much.  So I informed A and we finished walking to my apartment, where we had a nice time hanging out until A could pick him up.


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