RRR, Multiple School Style

I practically live at Avdi’s now, to all intents and purposes.  One day’s events are fading into the next.  To summarize:

School preps and meetings are in full swing.  Y (at the moment “they/he”) had their middle school orientation.  Avdi has had his hands full with filling out reams of redundant registrations (how’s that for alliteration), for four kids, which the schools don’t make easy.  He went to a meeting with S’s elementary school about working with S’s disabilities, which went well.  All this while trying to both work, manage the household, and diffuse kid disruptions, or shall I say “eruptions”.

One good development has been the neighbor friends interchange.  The other night it evolved into a kid party, while we grownups got to sit back and chill (or try to sleep, in my case).  We’re already helping each other out, including moral support, and hoping to bring more local kids and parents into the picture, as the school year progresses.  The kids seem to do a lot better with other kids and grownups around.

Amazingly, the weather cooled down a little, and I was actually able to work in the garden, weeding, harvesting the rest of the root veggies (beets, parsnips, turnips, rutabagas, and leeks), and just generally making some sense of it all.  We’re getting lots of tomatoes now.  We even discovered a beautiful pumpkin in the jungle!  Once I get it under control, I may plant a few fall/winter veggies.

I have J’s car again, so I’m able to do kid pickups, run errands, and sometimes drive to my apartment!  I may even get to take Y (apparently in one of their rare good moods) shopping later.  Usually they just brush me off or ignore me.  I’m hoping we can find a way to bond a little over imaginary “emotional support dog” accessories.  (Is there invisible poop?)  It’s looking good for getting a real one soon!  Who knew Avdi and I would become dog fans.  Whatever it takes.

I actually wrote this post at Avdi’s, another first.  Usually I’m too inundated by kid-related distractions.



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