Trust and Time

Yesterday Avdi accompanied K and E on a flight to see their Mom in PA and for other matters needing attention.  He returned the same evening.  Meanwhile, I spent the day with S and Y.  They were quiet and cooperative.

There was no bread for Y to make french toast, so she took the initiative and made bread!  It came out perfectly.  S set up up his “friend stand” out front, hoping to make a friend, but sadly there were no takers, and it was hot out.  Hopefully, he’ll make some friends at the special needs day camp A signed him up for.

Out in the garden, the only thing new is the tomatoes finally starting to ripen, about time!  The sunflowers are on my walking route to and from the house.

Yes, I realize this blahg is turning into a grandchildren journal, so bite me.  It’s really only boring to…everyone but me!  It’s never a dull moment, learning the ropes of special needs caregiving, and I’m always learning new tricks.  It’s exhausting, but emotional bonds are being formed.  Trust and patience are essential.  Also lots of time, which I have right now.


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