Another quiet overnight…S did all the bedtime things without fuss and fell asleep on the sofa.  Soon after, Y went to bed and so did I.  This morning things proceeded pretty smoothly, even with Y’s slow lethargic preps for camp.  I even got a temporary reprieve to go home and rest up.  I slept all morning into afternoon.

I’ve figured out S is a No-No-Yes kinda guy; he’ll shriek in protest at having to do the slightest necessity, then a minute later he’s like, I think I’ll go do the thing.  The trick is to just wait.  I recognize it because I’m a lot like that.  I’ll be like, no I can’t possibly drive your car (with or without kids in it) and do all the things!  Then next thing you know I’m offering to borrow the car and run errands!  Tiny increments of adjustment.

And back I go for another overnight.  My main challenge, besides the kids, is finding useful ways to spend the hours and days there, so I don’t die of boredom and feel unproductive.  It’s so hot and humid out, I can barely get anything done in the garden, and the next few days will be even hotter (heat index 109).  I have to keep reminding myself, I’m helping!

I did get a few garden jobs done yesterday and today.  I planted some flower seedlings, “chelsea-chopped” some overgrown perennials to liberate the herbs, weeded the tomatoes and peppers, and watered.  I have to water myself to keep at it in the broiling heat.  I always think of my fellow horticulture workers, having no choice but to keep going and risk heat exhaustion.  Plants out-survive us any day, unless we kill them.


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