Meltdown BBQ

STL is under an excessive heat alert through tomorrow night–heat index values of up to 114!  Danger of heat stroke and death!  Car interiors can reach lethal temps in a matter of minutes!  Etc.  Forget Florida, I think I’ve moved to India!  Having barely survived that, and having worked outdoors doing strenuous labor for a living, I feel for all people without the luxury of avoiding hyperthermia.  I never take the privilege of AC and water for granted.  Not a big fan of becoming BBQ.

In more routine news, Y has been demonstrating her more willful, volatile side lately.  Maybe it’s her wolf cub nature coming out.  I leave the taming to Avdi.  I’m just glad his approach isn’t that of my parents and their generation, who didn’t understand or recognize the complex neuro/atypical issues some kids deal with (or can’t deal with).  Their reaction would be outrage, anger, ridicule, and harsh physical/emotional punishment.  Also taking it very personally as an affront and embarrassment.  I’m a product of them, so I have a hard time myself.  I leave it to calmer heads.

In actual routine news, the tomatoes finally decided to start ripening!  There’s even one pepper!  New flowers continue to bloom.

This is going to sound really mundane and boring, but yesterday (after sleeping over), Avdi game me some routine jobs (more like projects) to do to help him out, so I was back in my element.  Half a dozen laundry loads later, I was almost caught up!  I swear the kids’ dirty clothes are cloning!  Still, it beats just sitting and watching meltdowns all day!  Or becoming one!



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