Settling In

When the kids are this quiet and cooperative, it’s uncanny.  Avdi explained it always takes them a while to adjust and settle down, with crises fewer and farther between.  But you’re always waiting for the next roller coaster plunge.

I spent the night, and S went right to sleep, no issues.  The others stayed up, but relatively quietly.  I actually slept well.  Everyone but S slept in.  I got up and got to work cleaning and prepping for erev Shabbat.  S not only didn’t have meltdowns, but took the cue and helped clean up his stuff, and even decided on his own to take his nap, without prompting.  I had the challahs and dinner prepared early.  Avdi and I even got to have our drinks together out on the patio, where it had somehow turned into perfect weather, for a change.

I thought I’d have to leave before dinner to sign for a stupid package, but Avdi talked me out of it.  Jess joined us for a very pleasant erev meal.  After cleaning up, we all took a walk to my apartment!  It was the first time most of us were there together, however briefly.  Lo and behold, there was my package, left at my door, just as A had predicted!

I guess it takes me a while to settle in to a new place and situation as well, but times like these, feeling like a part of a family, help a lot.


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