RIP “Boyfriend” the Cat?

I just learned that the cat nicknamed “Boyfriend” in my profile photos was probably killed by a car recently.  I felt so sad.  One more plug for keeping your cats indoors if at all possible.  Humans, even unintentionally, are the biggest danger to pet cats.  I miss my cat Misu, but at least I know she’s kept safe inside.

I haven’t had much to write, even typical boring stuff, thus the silent space.  There was an interesting event at CRC Shabbat service wherein a Palestinian Muslim woman and Canadian Jewish Israeli woman spoke about their program in Israel that educates children from both cultures in integrated schools, and brings Palestinians and Jews together, especially rare in the current political situation.  Hopefully these kids will go on to eventually change the whole hateful system.  It was inspiring.

Also through reaching out to CRC, I found someone in the community who can pick up my load of winter clothing for the unhoused and deliver it to CRC’s drop off place, so that’s a relief.  The unhoused situation in STL is pretty dire, as in most cities, with inadequate city gov assistance or funding, so many local nonprofits join efforts to house and provide services to the unhoused.

My son took me to brunch at Cyrano’s Café in WG early in the week, a lovely place with lovelier grilled cheese sandwiches.  That’s a big event for me!  We even shared an ice cream!

As with TG, everyone in my family will be gone or unavailable during most of the holidays, so I’ve been kindly invited to Jess’s family’s for a low-key xmas day.  She also took me to her kid’s school band concert last night, which was nice.  The school, like many institutions in STL, goes back to 1889.  The auditorium and building, with many newer additions and offerings, is impressive.  It was pouring down rain, so I couldn’t get any exterior photos.

In other news, by some miracle or accident, I was approved for a generous amount of energy assistance, by the same exact state DSS that denied me other assistance I qualified for, due to their dysfunction, but who’s keeping track!  That, and my decent SSA cost of living adjustment (raise) for 2023 due to inflation, will allow me to pay my rent and basic expenses without help, assuming no major medical or other expenses.  I don’t take any of this for granted, knowing many  seniors and marginalized people can’t even afford to live or keep a roof over their heads, through no fault of their own.  I’m very fortunate.






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