Modah Ani

I am thankful…for a very significant STL first–my first in-person Shabbat at CRC, with Avdi.  Not only are my photos firsthand, not screenshots, but I got to see all the people–Rabbis Karen and Daniel, Andrew on guitar, Leslie on vocals, and congregants, live!  I got to see and touch a Torah scroll up close, sing all the tunes I’ve learned online, express my thanks for being there with my son, and ask for r’fuah shlemah (full healing) for my brother not just on the streaming chat.  I even got to pet someone’s actual tiny dog, who was also singing along.  And I saw where my clothes for the unhoused have been delivered for me by a kind CRC member.  I’m mostly thankful for my son, who is going through some difficult stuff, but still invited me to join him.

Here are the iconic lobby and artwork, the sanctuary, and Andrew and R. Daniel tuning up for the service.

Here are scenes from erev Shabbat–my apartment, Avdi’s house, and J&C’s latest bread.

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