Groceries, Woo!

Yep, that’s what excites me nowadays, an actual trip to grocery stores.  It’s a rare, fun occasion!  Thanks to J&C, I got to go to not just one, but three stores!  It’s been like months!  It’s an event.  I’ll freeze most of it, so I can go another month or two.

This is a challenging time of year, trying to get creative with gift-buying on a tight budget, but I’m almost there.  I won’t actually see most of the giftees, as usual, but they’ll get something from me, at least.

Some household items I’m able to order online and have shipped, so today my potting soil arrived, and I potted up some rooted cuttings and performed triage on my son’s ailing orchid in my mini-plant clinic.  I treat them like pets, since I can’t have any.

Here are some of my patients, and a minty drink resulting from pruning.


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