Home Ec 101

Here’s what happens when I lie awake worrying about food insecurity (a common condition of low-income seniors with limited access to fresh food)–I get industrious in the kitchen with what I have.  Thus this multi-grain crusty bread, and this Indian lemon/lime pickle.  Not to brag, but they came out quite nicely, with a few simple ingredients.

Then I found out that due to inflation, my SSA cost of living adjustment went up for next year by 8.7%!  One good benefit of inflation.  For some it would seem minuscule, but when every cent counts, it’s a big deal.  It means barring catastrophic events (like medical issues) I can pay my rent and utilities, and even have some left over for groceries!  Maybe even afford food deliveries!  (Or at least spare change for the bus.)

Meanwhile, I got on CRC’s social media site and have begun to meet a few people from the online community, just to say hi or maybe even meet up some time.  I’ve been isolated from humans for way too long.  Now if only this gorgeous relic of the last century were mine, I’d be all set out here on Route 66!  I want to eat it, it looks so appetizing.

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