A Day of Good News and Chaos

The ironies just keep on coming.  Through his own insane bluster about fraudulent, rigged elections, and plots to undo legal, constitutional procedures, our loon-in-chief defeated his own purpose and shot himself in the foot in Georgia!  “Thanks” to him and his loony confederates, as of this writing not only did we gain the one and probably two crucial Senate seats that repubs might have won if they had left “well” enough alone, but Warnock and Ossoff will be the first Georgia Black and Jewish senators, respectively, and two of the few in US history.  How’s that for ironic justice?

It also indicates how voter demographics are changing in the south.  Younger, more educated people of color and minorities are becoming more engaged in the democratic process, despite repug efforts to impede their voter access and rights.  It gives a ray of hope to the rest of us in last holdout southern states.

Meanwhile, trump’s desperate super-spreader riots are ensuring that thousands more of his lemmings spread the virus and die off.  Today pro-trump rioters mounted an actual siege and illegally stormed the US Capitol building.  Chaos ensued, and lawmakers had to be evacuated. Trumpsters are diving off the deep end.  It’s just sad and senseless that we all have to pay such a high price for their delusional behavior.  If Black Lives Matter demonstrators, or any dems for that matter, acted like that, it would never be tolerated by law enforcement.

As for the absurd attempt to challenge the constitutional electoral vote count, which is just a formal reading of a certified result, it’s just another futile, farcical last gasp by a few repubs.  Thank the forefathers that we still have a basic democratic bottom line below which nobody, not even the president or vice-president, can sink.  Sometimes it seems like the sky’s the limit for getting away with murder or corruption, but we still have some checks and balances in place.

Today is a momentous test of our constitutional democracy, demonstrating that facts and rule of law can still trump a rogue, delusional president and his minions.  Our messy system has many weak points and breakdowns, but in the end the American people’s votes still matter.  To paraphrase a quote, if you count us out, you prove you can’t count.



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