Surviving Winter by Thinking Spring

I skipped a couple of days, partly because I’m now in seed ordering mode.  I put in my first partial order from Annie’s Heirloom Seeds, one of my favorite veg/herb suppliers.  It may be the beginning of winter, but my head is already in early spring.  Next, I’m going to try a new (for me) company, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, for more southern heat-tolerant varieties.  Finally, I’ll supplement with flower seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.

Meanwhile, our mobster-in-chief is busily and stupidly digging his own legal grave, without any help from anyone, or need for comment.  I just hope this time around they have enough tangible legal evidence to nail his coffin.  It’s hard to ignore blatant law-breaking by the president, even when his reign of terror is over.

Here are some random outdoor and indoor plant life shots, and some delicious homemade sourdough bread by E.



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