Living to 2021

Welcome to 2021.  Some of us actually made it alive to the new year, but hundreds of thousands of Americans did not, and tens of millions have COVID, especially after ignoring warnings not to travel and congregate over the holidays.  We’ve long since surpassed the 9/11 death toll per day.  Hospitals and healthcare workers are faced with catastrophic numbers and stretched beyond capacity.  They’re having to turn even emergencies away, never mind routine care.  Even morgues are turning victims away!  Everything is backlogged and backed up, including expected vaccines, due to incompetent fed leadership and its repercussions on states.

So welcome to 2021, not a blank slate, but rather a huge nasty pileup carried over, to be dealt with once trumpsters are evicted.  It’s a sad and shameful legacy.  But we can recover and rebuild from even this, if we face facts and numbers, persist in being smart and safe, and don’t let our guard down.

This is a highly contagious, deadly virus.  It lingers for long periods in the air and on surfaces, and spreads long distances, including outside.  You can pass it on even without symptoms, and get it after testing negative.  Surviving a case of COVID doesn’t necessarily make you immune.  Younger people are dying as well.  A new, more contagious strain has reached the US.  But knowing the facts, following instructions, and acting responsibly, can reduce the probabilities and risks.

Sorry about the lectures, but this is a serious crisis, not just an inconvenience.  The sooner we all comply, the faster the cases and deaths will decrease, and the sooner we can all get back to rebuilding and reuniting.  Help, both medical and economic, is on the way, once repubs either get out of the way or be part of the solution.  It won’t bring loved ones back, but their loss can teach us to respect the science and protect each other in the coming year and in future crises.

Our new year’s day is weirdly warm–headed for the mid-60s with heavy rain–not what I’d usually associate with Jan. 1st.  Our indoor and outdoor temps will soon be the same!  This was the scene and the outdoor temp just after dawn.  It won’t last for long.

A safe and happy new year!


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