Just a Normal Roller Coaster Day

Yesterday was a wild cyclone ride of unprecedented events, ironic backfires, and miserable fails, from the early hours of the morning to late into the night.  Like watching a bizarre, twisted version of “West Wing”, we were glued to our screen all day, unable to look away, though not totally surprised.  You can’t make shit like this up!

It started with the triumphant, close shave election of Rev. Warnock to the Senate, which probably wouldn’t have happened if trump hadn’t insisted on runoffs and recounts.  That left only Ossoff’s equally historic win for the same reason, bringing the Senate under dem control with VP-elect Harris as tiebreaker.  The latter triumph, however, occurred anticlimactically in the midst of trump’s disgraceful riot and siege of the capitol, so it almost got upstaged by all the drama.

The unprecedented insurrection incited by trump and his clueless goons, of course, defeated his whole purpose of insisting there was a rigged, fraudulent election and that he won, against all evidence to the contrary.  All he did was temporarily, albeit violently, disrupt the routine ceremonial procedure of accepting already certified electoral votes for each state, and further prove he’s a mentally deranged criminal and traitor.  Not to mention staging yet another super-spreader stunt in the midst of a devastating upsurge in COVID cases and deaths.

Not only that, but his chaotic mob scene actually caused some of his loyal obstructionist repubs in congress to stand down and not go through with their agenda to pointlessly object to and debate the already approved electoral votes.  In the end even Pence and McConnell defied trump’s pressure and threats against a peaceful, constitutional transfer of power.  Still, the ritual, with some objections, proceeded through the night, arriving at the prescribed official acknowledgment that Biden/Harris are indeed elected.  Even trump had to concede defeat.  It’s just mind-boggling to what extent he can get away with blatant, treasonous crimes, before he can be removed and convicted.

Just a normal day at the trump funny farm.  Whatever will we do for entertainment once he and his thugs are put in their rightful prison cells?  I guess we’ll be too busy rebuilding from the rubble he left in his sorry-ass wake.  Maybe the ultimate irony he leaves behind will be more bipartisan cooperation and civil progress, the very values he tried to sabotage.

This four year “reality” show is almost over (one can hope), and if we can just get through a simple inauguration without more mayhem, we can maybe get back to relatively routine sitcom reruns, as it were.  We won’t miss the psychodramas.

Here’s another dawn, and some more homey bread.



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