simple things

these random photos represent a few good aspects of our simple life right now:  good cinci microbrew, homegrown veggies,  flowers from the garden, and hiking in the woods.  i’ll spare you the more complicated bureaucratic ignorance we have to deal with here in fascist transphobic ohio.

now all that is needed is the small matter of a tiny house with a big wooded yard for a garden (preferably with some water nearby) near the TN smokies, with some kitties and that other piglike thing/ i mean pug, and my kids and Gkids around.  oh, and a porch with some swingy thingies.  some bears and whatnot.

and maybe (dare we dream) some decent, reasonable folks to deal with, and less of the humiliation for being born different.  not a whole lot to ask.

Picture0830151430_1 Picture0830151430_2 Picture0830151430_3 Picture0820151843_3 Picture0826151417_1

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