Having Enough to Share

Just a quick check-in between commutes to Avdi’s.  The green babies are doing well, the kids are doing…them, and Shabbat went well.  Y actually let me hug them!  K is starting to come out of his grief withdrawal.

I had so much excess food from Food Outreach, I was “compelled” to share a lot of it with the Family, which seems only right.  So dinner pretty much prepared itself.  In fact, I have enough to feed a village, which our extended family kind of is, so I don’t feel bad about giving back.  In return, Avdi had extra cheese to share, luxury of luxuries, plus an older but great vacuum cleaner, which I really needed, so it all balances out.  My bedroom is finally vacuumed!  So bougie.

Here are: dinosaurs resting on Shabbat (Y is on a dino-kick), flowers in the pouring rain, and my vacuumed bedroom.


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