Lurid Life Flashing

Other than a routine vertigo therapy session, I’ve been in a semi-comatose state with convoluted, contorted dreams featuring all the unresolved dead relationships in my life flashing before my eyes.  Maybe there’s so much backlogged baggage, I had to start early or it would never fit into my dying moment!  At any rate, it’s quite lurid and lively, possibly more so than my actual life.

But I said I’d be back, and I’m just about there.  I finally made it to Avdi’s, where things are tense and complicated as usual.  But the green babies are all coming up downstairs, and the garden is looking good with all the cleanup work E and Y have been doing.

In addition to catching up on household chores, I even did some outdoor work myself, digging up the thick weed mat in the large herb bed, and raking it out to prep it for creating a culinary herb and flower bed.  E and Y and I consulted on the next steps in the garden.  I like being able to pass on experience and delegate jobs for them to earn money.  We’re becoming like a team.



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